maandag 20 juli 2009


I did some lowbudget shopping last week in Amsterdam with my mum. Most of them are sale items and were very cheap! (for example the zara coat, it had cost me only 30 euro's!)

And I also received my little Topshop order:)

Take a look!


I wish my new summer/autumn coat was more photogenic, but I really love the deep blue colour of it and the double zipper! I think it would be fit perfectly with some high heels.


Cute tee with little stripes all over. If i wear it, it has some kind of inside-out effect because the print on the sleeves is darker. This one wasn't a sale item!


I looooove stripes! Especially on oversized sweaters and t-shirts, and this one is also a little bit see-trough. I will wear it with rolled up sleeves, some shorts and my studded sandals.


I doubt a while about this ruffle-zipper top from topshop. But I decide to keep it.
Does anyone has a nice combination with this top in his head? Tell me :)


Just a simple oversized white tee for the i-dont-care-days. The sleeves have a nice detail by the way.

river island

I was looking for such a long time for some nice pair of studded sandals. Finally, here they are!

And last but not least.. my vintage items! I had to safe them of all the trash in the local secondhand shop. The chain-bag was only 1,25 euro's and the retro sunnies were 0,25 cent:D:D
That's called low-budget shoppig haha.

I will post some outfits soon!!

PS: how can I enlarge my pictures?


9 opmerkingen:

  1. love your zara coat!
    mooie aankoopjes
    je kunt grotere foto;s plaatsen als je een andere layout kiest.. je hebt nu nog de standaard.

    ps. ja die schoenen op mn blog zijn echt van h&m! ik moet ze hebben haha

  2. jou zara jas is geweldig girl! je hebt echt leuke spullen erop staan :)

  3. Superleuk! Die versie van dat witte tshirt met zwarte streepjes is ook echt gaaf, heb ik nog niet gezien in de winkel, alleen die met die sterretjes!

  4. Ja echt cute is ie!
    Die met die sterretjes staat ook op mn blog, met die outfit met dat taillerokje :)

  5. Haha ik vind ze allebei super!
    Had hem vandaag toevallig aan,
    kreeg er echt veel complimentjes over :D

  6. Hey!
    hele leuke aankoopjes! =D
    maar vallen die schoenen groot of klein ?
    of normaal ? :p